The KENSTON Group acts as an independent solution partner for all subject areas of company pension schemes and of working-time accounts and time value account systems respectively.
The field of services of the KENSTON Group further
comprises all relevant consulting and conducting services affecting the operational payment of a company, in addition to company pension schemes and time value account solutions. In detail, these services encompass the following points:

  • Payroll for active employees
  • Pensioner payroll
  • Human resources consulting
  • Health management (‘Work-Life-Balance’)

In its role as a national competence center, the KENSTON Group supervises, in its focused orientation, clients from the following groups of people and areas:

  • tax consultants and auditors
  • lawyers and legal advisors
  • management consultants and high-quality financial services providers
  • companies of all sizes and from all industires

The consulting and implementation as well as the ongoing supervision of company pension schemes and human resource systems is, in the context of high quality consulting, tied to technical, legal and organizational expenses and thus binds a company’s resources.
The KENSTON Group enables high quality consulting through standardization and automation. Costs can be reduced thanks to intelligent outsourcing, while the liability for consultants and employers is minimized.
The junction of KENSTON solutions with the individual interests of a company and consultants as well as possible adjustments in regards to content result in innovation and uniqueness.
In the context of KENSTON solutions, indispensable legal advice and pension services are outsourced to connected authorized service providers. The KENSTON Group thus takes over the coordination of all advice and pension services to this effect, and it provides – for you as the consultant or employer (and the related employees) – a comprehensive legal company pension scheme and human resources back office.
The managers of the KENSTON Group is Sebastian Uckermann.
Sebastian Uckermann, accredited pension consultant for company pension schemes, is, in addition to his employment with the KENSTON Group, the first chairman of the Bundesverband der Rechtsberater für betriebliche Altersversorgung und Zeitwertkonten e. V.“ (BRBZ) in Cologne; also, he is the author of numerous technical publications in the field of company pension schemes and the co-editor of a new commentary on company pension law published by C. H. Beck, Munich.